Annals of Botany

Annals of Botany Annals of Botany is an international plant science journal that publishes novel and substantial research papers in all areas of plant science, along with reviews and shorter Botanical Briefings about topical issues. Each issue also features a round-up of plant-based items from the world’s media – ‘Plant Cuttings’.


AoB PLANTS is an open-access, online journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of basic and applied plant biology, with a developing focus on environmental biology. AoB PLANTS provides a fast-track pathway for publishing high-quality research, where papers are available online to anyone, anywhere free of charge.  

Conservation Physiology

Conservation Physiology is an online only, fully open access journal publishing research on all taxa (microbes, plants and animals) focused on understanding and predicting how organisms, populations, ecosystems and natural resources respond to environmental change and stressors. Physiology is considered in the broadest possible terms to include functional and mechanistic responses at all scales.


Forestry publishes high quality articles and reviews on all aspects of research, practice and policy that inform and promote the sustainable management of forests and trees. Forestry is inclusive of all subjects, geographical zones and study locations, including trees in urban environments, plantations and natural forests.

Journal of Experimental Botany

Journal of Experimental Botany publishes the highest quality manuscripts that address questions of broad interest in plant biology with an emphasis  on molecular physiology, molecular genetics and environmental physiology, integrative approaches employing cutting-edge technologies, systems biology, and synthetic biology.

Journal of Plant Ecology

Journal of Plant Ecology (JPE) is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal that allows ecologists to present research findings and discuss challenging issues in the broad field of plants and their interactions with biotic and abiotic environment. JPE publishes original research articles and reviews, and includes special issues/features focusing on the frontiers in plant ecology.

Plant & Cell Physiology

Plant & Cell Physiology (PCP) is is the official journal of the Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists (JSPP) and publishes high quality, original articles reporting significant findings in broad aspects of plant biology, including but not restricted to: physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, molecular genetics, epigenetics, and biotechnology, as well as plant-microbe interactions and the biology of photosynthetic microorganisms.    

Tree Physiology

Tree Physiology publishes both technical reviews and original research reports on all aspects of physiology of tree, other woody species and species of arborescent growth forms. Tree Physiology is a refereed journal distributed internationally.